Monetize your service in minutes.

Shrey Auth is the most efficient platform for selling memberships to your Discord group, software, or standalone service. Launch a functioning website within minutes of joining.

Turn your Discord group or software into a paid service without the hassle.

For business owners, it's a struggle to create or find an authentication and membership system that fits your needs without wasting time or money.

That's why we've created an elegant solution with everything you need - and made it extremely simple to get started. Simply purchase and activate your premade site all in a couple simple steps.

We put you first.

We believe that you should be able to take your service and sell it, without dealing with grueling turnaround times from designers or developers, and costly servers. We take the guesswork out, and remove all the unnecessary complexity from selling your service, so you can get to launching faster.

Connect your domain and Stripe account so your members can pay on your site. You'll get payments delivered instantly to your Stripe account without us touching a thing.

If you want your members to be added to a Discord server upon purchase, connect your server. You tell us what role you'd like to give your members, and we'll handle the rest.

Set a key type, price, Stripe plan, and choose between a FCFS release, or a Splash release. Gain full control and statistics of your releases.

Configure the complete look and feel of your site to your liking. No more wasting time coordinating between designers and developers. We've created simple, clean components that you can customize to fit into your branding.
POST /api/v1/activations

  "key": "99CA4-BF382-32CC8-379A8",
  "activation": {
    "hwid": "D1E39377",
    "device_name": "Shreyas' Macbook Pro"


Our activations API comprises of 3 simple requests. One to activate a key to a device, one to retrieve an activation, and one to deactivate a device.

View API docs

That's it! Send users to your website, and let them purchase.

Never miss a beat.

Use our admin panel to manage everything on your site. Export data, administrate users, and take back control of your site - all in one elegant and accessible place. Whether you're on the go, or at your computer, you can count on your admin panel for anything you need to do.

View your stats, use collaborative comment and note tools, manage your users, keys, releases, plans, and much more.

What it comes with

Get plenty of features when you purchase Shrey Auth

Straightforward setup out of the box

No complex server setups
Streamlined onboarding process
No tech knowledge necessary

Predictable and comprehensive pricing

No additional charge per member
No charges for updates
Automatic recurring payments

Powerful management and admin tools

Responsive and mobile accessible
Collaborative comments and notes
Easily manage and edit admin roles

Configurable settings for all uses

Release lifetime or renewal keys
Splash & FCFS releases
Usable for software and Discord groups

An elegant and customizable UI

Familiar, pre-built UI elements
Customizable color and text
Clean and straightforward interface

Reliable and secure backend

PCI compliant and backed by Stripe
Strong encryption of your data
Engineered for stability

Pricing built for everyone.

Forget about haggling with developers, and paying for servers and databases.


Access our entire platform and bring the best for your company with simple pricing


per month

Everything you need to sell your service
Free updates and constant maintenance
No setup fees, support fees, or hidden fees

Already have a site? We've got you covered.
Migrate your users by importing a simple CSV file. Keys and user accounts will instantly be processed, and your users will be able to log in immediately.

Interested? Leave your current provider and we'll give you your first month free.

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